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Welcome to Beer and Bites Manitoba,

Where the focus is on all the important things in life – specifically beer, food, music, and fun! Whether you are a beer aficionado, a newbie on the craft beer scene, a music lover, a foodie, or someone who is looking for something fun to do with your friends, you’ve found the perfect event! Come join us on Saturday, September 19th for a few bevvies, bites of deliciousness, and great music. Your taste buds and ear drums will forever be indebted to you!

Home Grown Goodness

Beer and Bites Manitoba has a “home-grown” focus showcased through our Manitoban food vendors, bands, and designated charity. There is more to this term than just the geographical area, as highlighted by participating beer vendors. Instilled within each craft beer is an attitude and lifestyle which is crafted from their own unique local roots. We are thrilled to be an avenue for each vendor to share their products and story to a larger audience!

CancerCare Manitoba Foundation

The CancerCare Manitoba Foundation is the only organization exclusively fundraising for CancerCare Manitoba. CancerCare Manitoba’s main focus is to eradicate a disease consisting of more than 150 types and stages. A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Up-to-date information regarding treatment options, resources, and services are vital as patients and families make their way through the cancer journey, from diagnosis to treatment. While CancerCare Manitoba works in partnership with Manitoba Health, some programs and services are not eligible for government funding. Since 2000, donors from every walk of life have given more than $91 million to the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation to bridge this gap and help deliver the best research, patient care, treatment, and support.

We are proud to support CancerCare Manitoba’s internationally-recognized team of health professionals as they provide outstanding quality care for all Manitobans and their families living with cancer.


You and your friends


Beer and Bites Manitoba – A festival showcasing beer, local food vendors, and Manitoban talent!


MPR at the University of Manitoba (2nd floor University Centre)


5:00pm – 11:00pm.
Last pour is at 10:30pm


More importantly…
why not?

Tickets are $39.95 + fees and include entry into the event and an all-inclusive pass to sample a variety of beers and food.

Please drink responsibly!