Our Cup Runneth Over!

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“He was a wise man who invented beer.” – Plato

Plato knew his stuff when it came to philosophy, science, and beer.

If Plato were to suddenly appear in Winnipeg and stop by our festival for a few beers after a long day philosophizing about fate, reality, and morality, I imagine he would be slightly overwhelmed by the available choices. After all, the beer landscape in 2015 is somewhat different than that of ancient Greece! However, Plato was a smart man so I’m sure after a period of adjustment, he would adapt quite willingly!

For a first time event, we are excited to have such a great selection available for sampling. The hardest choice beer lovers will have to face is what they will drink.

Sit back, relax, and have a read through our selection!
1. Lake of Bays Crosswind Pale Ale
2. Lake of Bays Spark House Red Ale
3. Lake of Bays 10 Point India Pale Ale
4. Lake of Bays Pigskin Pilsner
5. Okanagan Spring 1516
6. Okanagan Spring Pale Ale
7. Sleeman Original Draft
8. Sleeman Honey Brown Lager
9. Goose Island IPA
10. Goose Island Honkers
11. Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale
12. Kentucky Kolsch
13. Kentucky IPA
14. Kentucky Ale
15. Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout
16. Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel Ale
17. Moosehead Lager
18. Boundary Ale
19. Sam Adams Octoberfest
20. Sam Adams Rebel IPA
21. Carlsberg Lager
22. Carlsberg Lite
23. Somersby Apple Cider
24. Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc
25. Lake of the Woods Sultana Gold
26. Mill St. Brewery Cobblestone Stout
27. Mill St. Brewery Vanilla Porter
28. Mill St. Brewery 100th Meridian Organic Amber Ale
29. Farmery Premium Lager
30. Erdinger Weissbier
31. Erdinger Dunkel Weissbier
32. Ohara’s Irish Stout
33. Fruli Strawberry Beer
34. Red Racer IPA
35. Red Racer Red Ale
36. Faxe Strong
37. Faxe Amber
38. La Bouffonne
39. Big Rock IPA
40. Big Rock Fowl Mouth ESB
41. Big Rock Warthog
42. Big Rock Rock Creek Dry Apple Cider

Beer and Bites Manitoba takes place on Saturday, September 19th from 5pm – 11pm at the University of Manitoba.

Tickets are on sale now – visit our website for more information and to buy your tickets at beerandbites.ca